The Cooper School Daily

Super in Second!

Newsletter 2/12/21

Second Graders have been practicing adding the endings ing and ed. Children are realizing that there are so many rules and tricks that can help us recognize and spell tricky words. When adding these 2 common endings to words that have a silent e, we must drop the e in order to add ing and ed. Each child had the opportunity to demonstrate to the class the importance of this rule by changing multiple words into their present and past tenses. 


This week we wrapped up our People and Places reading books. Students were fascinated by the amazing monuments found in Washington D.C. and how ideas become laws. They realized quickly that a lot has to happen before a new law is put into place! Children have truly enjoyed learning about what happens in our Nation’s Capital, and it has helped them make connections with events that are happening in today’s world. 


Miss Libby taught our class a new type of drawing called one point perspective. This technique uses a one point in the distance from which everything in the drawing is set out. Students drew landscapes and were then encouraged to color their pictures using a variety of colors. They all looked so beautiful and they were so excited to learn this new artistic skill! 

Special Dates

February break: 15 and 16.