The Cooper School Daily

Super in Second!

Friday, November 13, 2020


Social Studies

Students have been working hard on completing various projects from our Inuit unit. This past week consisted of making igloos, learning about the Inuit alphabet and constructing Umiak’s! We cannot wait to share all that we have done!


Art was extra special this week! We had the opportunity to no sculpt our “soapstones” in our new outdoor classroom! The Inuit are known for these beautiful sculptures that have been part of their culture for thousands of years.  Students loved learning and creating while being able to spend some extra time outside! 


Second Graders are becoming more confident in their ability to hear and see rhyming patterns. We play a game called, “Which One of These is Not Like The Other.” Students are given a variety of words, and they need to find the one that doesn’t belong (rhyme) with the other words. They had so much fun with this!

Important Dates:

  • November 17th- Make-up Picture Day
  • November 20th- 11:30 Dismissal
  • November 23rd-27th – Thanksgiving Break