The Cooper School Daily

Super Scientists!

A Fifth Grader shares all about her experiment.


This Tuesday marked the culmination of our Science “Variables” unit. Students presented their experiments at the Science Fair. They worked for an entire month on personalized experiments where they explored a variety of topics such as flammable chemicals, plant growth, baking, and aerodynamics! Students from all grades were amazed and fascinated by the displays and speeches regarding the experiments. The 5th Graders’ hard work paid off in one of the best Science Fairs that TCS has seen!  


In math this week, we have been working through our Fractions Unit. We are exploring the concepts of fractions as division and the place value of fractions. The focus of this unit has been on real-word applications of fractions, number models, and number stories, along with the enrichment of math games like “Fraction Top-It” to keep their competitive spirits (and good sportsmanship) satisfied! 


I have been so happy to have been able to do “Lunch with the Teacher” this week. Each day I’ve gotten to sit down with a small group of 5th graders for a special pizza lunch. We’ve had a blast talking about all sorts of things from free-diving, to movies, to interior decorating! I have loved spending this time with my students, and have been amazed by all of their varied interests. 

Important Dates:

November 11th and 12th: Parent Conferences

Monday 11/11: St. Andrews Gym Field Trip (11:30 Dismissal)

Tuesday 11/12: 3-5th Grandparents and Special Friends Day (11:30 Dismissal) 

Thursday 11/14: 5th Grade Parent Lunch