The Cooper School Daily

Super Scientists!

Science Fair

What a treat to see everyone on Monday for the Annual TCS Science Fair. Students worked very hard to present their projects. Students used their knowledge from many different disciplines to create their final project: graphing from Math, research skills, informational writing to create a 5-paragraph essay and drawing.

Lower Grade Buddies!

Your 5th graders had quite the audience at the Science Fair! 5th Graders attended two celebrations this week. They listened to 1st Graders give their reports on artic animals and had time to read two books to them. Also, we were invited to the 4th Grade Revolutionary War Wax museum. The students had fun revisiting the memories of their past project topics and were a great audience for the 4th Grade. During Movement, we played turtle tag and kick the can with 2nd Grade. Afterwards, we ate lunch together and talked about our favorite Super Bowl commercials. Ask your child what new friendships they enjoyed the most this week!



Your mathematicians began Unit 7 this week and received their new, fresh Math Journals. We love a good fresh start! This unit launches with lessons about exponential notation, powers of 10, and standard notation. All of these are ways for mathematicians and scientists to represent very large numbers without having to write every digit. Students learned that the large number at the bottom is the base number, the smaller number at the top is the exponent, and the exponent tells you how many times to multiply the base number times itself. For example, 45 = 4x4x4x4x4 = 1,024. A common mistake is to multiply 4×5 = 20, so we were extra focused to make sure we didn’t make that mistake in our work!



Important Dates:

February 14th – Valentine’s Day Concert 1:30pm (Circular Church)

February 16th -19th – February Break