The Cooper School Daily

Super Second Graders

Newsletter 3-26-21

Reading and Writing

Second Graders have been diving into poetry the past few weeks. They have been learning about different types of poetry and the characteristics of each. Through listening, reading and writing, the children have really grasped a solid understanding of the art of poetry. They have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Pass it On Books, which consists of writings that they published in past years. Students are very excited for their work to be published again this year!


Second Grade students have been focusing on various Earth Materials, and this week our focus was sand. Children had the opportunity to study sand through a magnifying glass and made some interesting observations and conclusions. We had the opportunity to compare and contrast different grades of sandpaper, and learn the meaning of course, fine and medium. The students had a blast making sand rubbings and feeling the difference between each piece of sandpaper. 


Brownie, our class pet, continues to be a favorite between both cohorts. Students asked that he be “highlighted” in this week’s newsletter. He is such a snuggly little guy and just loves the attention he gets from all of the children. He loves small spaces and his favorite spot is any kind of pocket!

Let us know if you would like some time with him at your house! He would love to experience a new environment! 

Important Dates:

March 29th – April 5th- Spring Break