The Cooper School Daily

Super Second Graders!


Mathematicians have really been enjoying our new unit of geometry! This week Mathematicians explored shapes such as quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, triangles, and squares. Through games such as Guess Which One? and Can You Draw It? Mathematicians practiced identifying the number of sides, corners, and whether or not a shape included any square corners. 


Second Graders explored balance through our Heart Mobile center, where they used origami hearts made out of post-its from a previous center to create mobiles. Second Graders’ mobiles look awesome hanging above students’ tables! Second Graders also spent some time identifying different parts of speech in sentences created by their peers in the Wordwork Center. 

Cooper Village

This week Scholars have continued their work in constructing Cooper Village. Scholars have all been assigned a job, business, and natural disaster. In groups, Scholars have started the process of architectural planning for each building to be able to withstand the natural disaster assigned. Be sure to ask your Scholar which job they received!

Important Dates:

February 16: 2nd Grade Student Social (3pm-4pm)

February 21-22: February Break