The Cooper School Daily

Super Second Graders!

Balance and Mobiles!

In science this week we continued our study of balance, motion, and force. Students began constructing mobiles to be hung around the classroom. First, they began designing the counter parts that would be hung from the paper clips and rubber bands. Next, students began constructing a small mobile that they had to balance before moving on to the next larger mobile. Students had to use trial and error to balance their mobiles, and once balanced they were hung from the ceilings about their seat!

Shoot for the Stars!

This year Second Grade is shooting for the stars to achieve their hopes and dreams! Each student wrote a hope and a dream for the school year and decorated a rocket with a picture of them shooting into space! As a class, we came together and constructed a list of our hopes and dreams for Second Grade. These became our class rules! Students decided for our school rules that they will listen to one voice at a time, be the boss of themselves, and respect people, materials, nature, and ideas!

Math Games!

In Second Grade students love to play math games during both centers and math time. This week we have been working on double digit addition with the game “How Close”! During this game, students work with their partners to see who can create two digits numbers that add up to as close to 50 as they can get! This is great practice helping with their addition and keeps the students engaged, focused and excited to learn math!

Important Dates:  

  • September  5th- Labor Day ( No School)
  • September 14th – Elementary Curriculum Night (5:30pm-6:30pm)