The Cooper School Daily

Super Second Graders

Friday, October 30, 2020


Social Studies:

We are continuing to build on our Inuit Unit.  Students are learning about how living things adapt to different environments and climates.  We are currently exploring how the Inuit have transformed throughout the years in how they dress, travel, live, and eat.  They love exploring this area of study!


Second Graders have enjoyed our social studies and science unit so much that they are choosing books that can teach them more!  We love that they are taking ownership of their own learning and choosing books that can take their studies to another level.  


How many seeds are in the pumpkin?  Students learned about estimation and how their guesses can change based on what the object looks like and how it is presented. Second Graders estimated how many seeds were in a pumpkin by observing it unopened, opened, and with all of the seeds taken out!  We then counted all of the seeds.  They all had so much fun with this Halloween activity!

Important Dates:

Friday, November 6th- Distance Learning Day

November 9th and 10th- Conferences, 11;30 Dismissal