The Cooper School Daily

Superb in Second!

Friday, December 4, 2020


Social Studies

Second graders are rockstars with knowing the continents as well as the oceans. We reviewed by learning fun songs and coloring and labeling maps. We are now researching the different biomes of the world. All agreed they would like to live in the tropical forest!


Movement has been extra fun this week due to the cooler weather. The children love Miss Hillary and get excited to learn all of the fun games she teaches them. Exercise is super important for children’s growing minds and bodies, and is helpful for successful learning in the classroom. Just look at them run!


We are continuing to tackle trouble words by methodically breaking them apart into syllables. Syllables are the phonological building blocks of words and can help children recall our “Phonics Professor Words”, such as digraphs, blends and silent e words. We have incorporated games and writing to practice this important strategy. 

Important Dates:

 Pajama Day and Early Dismissal. 11:30am

Winter Break: December 21-January 4th

January 5th: Students return to school!