The Cooper School Daily

Superb Second Graders!


Second Graders have been busy measuring various objects around our classroom! Scholars have used their knowledge of units between meters, yards, inches, and centimeters to compare and contrast the actual size of different sharks along with other animals. Second Graders have also put their understanding of manipulating addition and subtraction problems to find missing lengths with their math partner. Grab a ruler and measure some items around the house with your scholar!


This week Second Graders gathered as a whole group to discuss and brainstorm different people and things they are thankful for. As a class everyone worked together to make a list of things people are usually thankful for, such as shelter, air, and water. Independently, Second Graders made a more personalized list of what they are thankful for, students included family members, pets, and favorite toys or games.


Scholars started reading the “Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Pilgrims” and worked with a partner to answer questions about how and why the pilgrims decided to sail to a new land. As a whole group, Second Graders reflected on how pilgrims boarded the Mayflower in hopes of religious freedom. Ask your Scholar what they found most interesting from our reading this week!

Important Dates:

November 19: Harvest Festival 11:30 Dismissal

November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break