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Swimming Together!

Writing True Stories
Kindergarteners come to school with so many exciting stories to share! This week, brave writers spent time practicing storytelling all of their wonderful adventures to a partner, in order to prepare for writing true stories across pages. Kindergarteners learned to touch a page and tell which parts of the story they planned to include on the page. These young writers then moved forward writing their true stories, being sure to tell who was there, when it happened and how it happened, using pictures and words. Ask your Kindergartener what they wrote about during our Writing Workshop this week! 

This week, Kindergarteners were thrilled to hear about a new class favorite book, Swimmy by Leo Lionni. This beautiful book tells the story of a school of fish who find out how much better it is to all swim together. Kindergarteners celebrated the bonds we have formed in our classroom already this year by painting their own fish that we will hang up swimming together!

Students were overjoyed this week to attend one of their favorite specials, Yoga with Ms. Courtney. We value this time with Ms. Courtney as students find time to center themselves in a busy school day. Students returned to class excited to tell us all about their favorite yoga poses and how much they love spending mornings calming their spirits in Yoga.

Important Dates:
October 18th-19th – Fall Break (No School)