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Take me to the Moon!

Who’s ready to climb inside the planetarium?

Fourth Graders huddled close together inside a spectacular planetarium dome this week. Andy Cohen from Dome Education set up his portable planetarium where students could view lunar phases, eclipses and tides, projected onto the walls of the dome. The second portion of the program was dedicated to the seasons, constellations, and the position and motion of the planets. One spectacular highlight from this experience were the mythological stories behind the constellations! Our scholars were spellbound by the projected constellations cast across the entire dome. We could almost reach out and touch the stars. Please ask your child what they enjoyed most about the planetarium experience.


Changing one word at a time!

Using precise language in a poem can make all the difference in the world to the poet and to their reader. Our poets were handed the challenge of revising one word or a line in one of their collection of poems. By using precise wording, students were able to accurately relay their thoughts to create a stronger meaning for the reader. Fourth Graders have composed impressive poetry thus far, and to choose one to edit was a bit heartbreaking for a few! It was such a joy to hear their newly revised pieces. Please ask your child which one word or line they enhanced.


How tall is a giraffe?

Fourth Graders stretched their necks long and tall just like a Giraffe, for Whole School Morning Meeting this week! A team of Fourth Graders gave a compelling presentation on Giraffe Conservation as part of our Earth Day 2019 project. Each grade was given the task of researching an endangered animal and to introduce the species into a current field of study or future study. Our conservationists informed their curious audience why giraffes are endangered and how to protect them from extinction. Please ask your child one way we can protect giraffes.



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Important Dates:

Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School

Saturday, 4/6 Spring Planting Party