The Cooper School Daily

Taking Flight!


Butterfly metamorphosis is an amazing process to witness. Over the past several weeks, First Graders have observed tiny painted lady caterpillars, no thicker than a piece of spaghetti, grow, form chrysalises, and finally break free and dry their wings. After keeping the adult butterflies for several days and feeding them a diet of sugar water, we thought it was time to set them free. When each butterfly took flight, there was a loud cheer and applause from the students!


This was a big week in First Grade math! We learned how to exchange five pennies for a nickel and how to count mixed amounts of nickels and pennies. Through working with real coins, drawing coins on paper, and math games, students are getting very good at using these coins and making change. Coming soon: the dime!


castle_ballThis week, for the first time at The Cooper School, Castle Ball was introduced. During movement First Graders joined Second Graders to learn this exciting and active game. Each team sets up their castle – a house-of-cards made of hula hoops – on each side of a midline. Teams toss balls across the line to try and knock down the opposing castle, while defenders do anything they can to deflect the balls. When a castle is destroyed, the throwing team earns a point. Both classes couldn’t wait to play Castle Ball again!