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Taking on Challenges in Second Grade!

James and the Giant Peach

On Monday, Second Graders ventured downtown to Dock Street Theater to see a live performance of James and the Giant Peach. The Dock Street Theatre was the first building in America built exclusively to be used for theatrical performances. Students laughed and giggled at the characters who brought this story to life. This classic story written by Roald Dahl tells the story of an orphaned boy, named James. James is sent to live with his wicked and greedy aunts. Although James is faced with several ups and downs throughout the story, he learns the true meaning of friendship.


Becoming an Entrepreneur


Second Graders were faced with several real world challenges this week. On Tuesday, the Second Grade community was presented with an Entrepreneur Challenge. This activity put their creativity and problem solving skills to the test. Brave business owners were given an opportunity to receive a loan from the bank in order to start their own company. However, before they could receive their loan students had to submit a very detailed proposal. In this proposal, they described the three items they would be selling. Each item had to serve a purpose, be created out of the materials compiled from the tinkering cart, and be smaller than 6 inches. After they sketched their designs scholars listed, counted, and added up their needed materials. Once the total cost of the materials were calculated, students could clearly see if they were within the bank’s budget. Students began to understand the importance of thoughtful planning and preparation. They also learned how to create a practical budget and plan out materials accordingly. If the bank accepted their proposal, students went on to tinker the items for their store. One important real world take away was that success doesn’t always happen the first time around. It takes perseverance, grit, and faith in your own personal abilities.  


Art Walk

The Cooper School’s annual Art Walk was a huge success this morning! The building was transformed into a real art museum filled with priceless masterpieces all created by the students at The Cooper School. Young artists were so proud to show off their hard work and beautiful creations to parents, grandparents, and friends! Each student artist had three different pieces of art on display along with an artist statement. Students wrote about their personal experience with art. Artist statements highlighted their favorite artist who they draw inspiration from, art tools they like to use, favorite colors, and much more. At the Art Walk we were thrilled to find that some of our own Cooper School parents were fantastic artists! After visiting each room, parents enjoyed creating masterpieces and memories with their child. Thanks to everyone who joined us today on this special day! 

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, February 1st              100th Day of School

Tuesday, February 7th                   Parent Coffee 8-9am

Friday, February 10th                     Bake Sale 2:15-2:45pm

Tuesday, February 14th                  Valentine’s Day Concert 1-3pm

Monday, February 20th                  No School

Tuesday, February 21st                   No School