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Talking, Playing, and Creating Cooper Village!


Second Graders began Unit 6 in Everyday Math this week. The beginning lessons review strategiesCooper Village Group Work for solving addition and subtraction number stories using a diagram. There are three different types of diagrams presented that help students organize their information. In this unit, students are expected to enter the known quanity or identify the quanity unknown. They choose the operation needed, solve, and write the number model.

Cooper Village

In the classroom and on the playground, students areMud Kitchen Chef bringing the Cooper Village project to Life. Second Graders teamed up this week to discuss ideas and
collabrate with their classmates. Students even used their imagination to role play different scenarios that might take place in Cooper Village during recess. Students could be seen in the mud kitchen acting as a “chef” being featured on the food network or talk show hosts interviewing the community “lawyer.” The class concluded the week by breaking into their groups and planning out their section of the village. Students perservered through the challenege of following “building codes” closely in order to successfully submit their city plan for approval. Now that all paperwork has been filed, construction of the town isn’t far away!

Compliment Writing

Just about everyone is familiar with the definition of a compliment. A compliment is an expression of praise or admiration. Although students give and receive bits of praise daily, this week Second Graders discussed giving and receiving meaningful compliments. They expressed the sentimental feeling one gets when receiving a geniune compliment. They also realized compliments weren’t just for the receipents, but for them as well. Students discovered that taking time to admire their classmates best qualities built strong relationships and nurtured their friendships.


Upcoming Dates

Friday, February 12th           Valentine’s Concert and Bake Sale

Monday, February 15th         February Break-No School

Tuesday, February 16th        February Break-No School

Thursday, February 25th      Cooper Village Presentation