The Cooper School Daily

Team Players!

Parent Lunch

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for lunch this Wednesday. It was great fun seeing moms and dads playing “Everybody’s It” with the Fourth Graders, it is their favorite! In addition to tag, Fourth Graders enjoyed showing off their jump roping skills. I enjoyed chatting with parents, and I know that you enjoyed having a peek into your child’s day.





Fourth Graders were thrilled to be publishing their realistic fiction stories this week! During this unit, students learned the difficulty of writing fiction. They worked first on story planning, using charts and story arcs to organize their thinking. Students then worked with their writing partners to
 ensure that they were showing the story and not just telling. Writing partners also investigated how to hook their readers with a strong beginning. We then got to celebrate our success with the Second Graders! The following day, Second Grade narrative writers published their small moment stories to us. Fourth Graders listened with empathetic ears knowing the amount of effort and dedication that is required to publish your writing.


Poetry Workshop


Charleston’s first Poet Laureate, Marcus Amaker, and fellow poet Matthew Foley joined TCS Fourth and Fifth Graders on Monday for a poetry workshop. Marcus and Matthew began the workshop by tapping into our young writer’s senses. Students participated in an activity to awaken their poetic minds called “One Word Poem”. Students then used their five senses to write poems about some of their favorite topics. When the workshop ended, Fourth Graders felt a sense of appreciation to have the opportunity to work with writers who are so accomplished in their craft.



Important Dates:


Tuesday, October 31st             Halloween Carnival ½ Day

Thursday, November 2nd      Middleton Plantation

Friday, November 3rd            Bee Presentation

Wednesday, November 8th   Picture Day

Monday, November 13th       ½ Day – Conference Day

Tuesday, November 14th      ½ Day – Conference Day