The Cooper School Daily


Bird Characteristics

Second graders began their new science unit on birds this week. They began this study by defining characteristics of birds that differentiated them from other animals.  A few of these characteristics included that they have beaks, talons, and claws.  They have wings and feathers. Birds lay eggs and most birds can fly.  Scholars are now looking to define the characteristics that all native birds of South Carolina possess!


Second Graders continued their study of shapes in math, focusing on quadrangles.  Scholars learned that quadrangles are a shape with four angles.  Building on previous knowledge of shapes, scholars learned that all shapes that have four angles also have four sides.  A shape that has four sides is called a quadrilateral.  To be a quadrilateral, scholars noted that the shape must have four straight sides.  It must be a flat shape and it must be a closed figure!


This week’s vocabulary is based on a book called Teammates written by Peter Golenbeck.  This is the true story of how Jackie Robinson became the first black player on a Major League baseball team when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1940s, and how on a fateful day in Cincinnati, Pee Wee Reese took a stand and declared Jackie his teammate.  With detailed illustrations and challenging, new vocabulary words, this book describes an important memory in the history of American sports. 

Important Dates

April 24th “Flat Stanley” at the Dock Street Theatre

April 25th Spring Auction

April 30th Climbing Field Trip