The Cooper School Daily

Terrific Tinkerers!


       This week students have been exploring the tinkering cart during Centers. A tinkerer could be described as an artist, a designer or an engineer. All of these words describe your imaginative scientists perfectly! They have been using the knowledge and skills they have learned from the past units in Science to construct their designs. Ask your child what they built with the tinkering cart!


   Your sleuths have begun their Mystery unit in reading. This week was full of suspicion, clues, and discoveries! In our first week of our Mystery Unit, 5th grade readers collaborated in their mystery book clubs. Students read The Egypt Game, The Girl who could Fly, and Chasing Vermeer. This week we learned that good readers can identify the central mystery, identify character motivation, and recognize red herrings. Our whole class model text was Who Stole the Wizard of Oz and we certainly shared a few laughs, gasps, and jumps! Ask your child what mystery novel they read in book club!

Art Explorations

This week, your artists began their four-week course known as Art Explorations. This is a special program offered to 5th Grade. Each 5th Grader picked music, art, or creative writing as a topic that they wanted to explore more and be challenged in. Ask your child what they are working on in Art Explorations!



Important Dates:

February 5th – Science Fair 1:30pm

February 9th – Valentine Bake Sale 2:15-2:45

February 14th – Valentine’s Day Concert 1:30pm (Circular Church)

February 16th -19th – February Break