The Cooper School Daily

Thank You For an Amazing Year!

Bubble Party!

This week was all about celebrating how much our brains have grown and our amazing friendships that have blossomed throughout our first grade year. What better way to celebrate than with a bubble and dance party with Kindergarteners? We danced our hearts out to Mr. Ryan’s bopping playlist as we drew pictures with chalk and tried to pop all the bubbles! What an amazing party it was!

Field Day!

If you ask your first graders how field day was I’m sure they’ll tell you “It was the best field day ever!”. The eight graders did a great job setting up all the stations! Some of our favorite stations were Musical Chairs, Fill the Bucket relay race, Tug a War, Water Balloon Toss, Sack Race, Lucky Duck and of course King Pop.  Ask your kiddos to share their favorite game with you! 

Thank You!

Thank you all for sharing your amazing children with us this year!  We are so grateful for your kind words, gifts, and support this year.  These kiddos are ready to tackle their next big adventure as second graders and we could not be more proud of them.  We hope you have an amazing summer!