The Cooper School Daily

Thankful Third Grade


Third Grade has spent the week working on character studies in Reading Workshop. Students have discussed ways to get to know characters from patterns in behavior, speech, and predicting deeper theories as to why characters act and say the things they do. Students have been so excited to apply it to new characters as well as familiar friends.


Third Grade wrapped up their nonfiction writing unit this week. The students wrote about something that they know a lot about. Some of the topics were kittens, MineCraft, astronomy, ice cream and many more exciting topics.  To celebrate, the students shared their published nonfiction books with the Fourth Grade students.  

Gratitude Books

Third Grade has spent a lot of time creating their Gratitude Books this week.  These books are an amazing tradition at The Cooper School and something we always look forward to.  The students all came up with very long lists of things they are grateful for. It is so wonderful to see how thankful TCS students are for so many things.

Important Dates

Monday, November 25th – Harvest Feast (11:30 dismissal)

Tuesday, November 26th – ½ day of school (11:30 dismissal)

November 27 – November 29 – Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 13th- 3rd-5th Movie Night