The Cooper School Daily

The Classroom is Buzzing!


photo-sep-13-12-48-26-pmStudying bees is pretty cool. Studying bees up close, super close, is awesome. This week, students got the chance to look at bee samples, up close and personal. Students investigated different parts of the bee using our new microscopes to see the tiny hairs that grow all over the bee’s body. Investigations answered some questions we were having and then opened the door to a whole new round of questions. Students were most excited to see the pollen baskets on the rear leg of the bee. They also got a close look at the proboscis of a bee that we found in our backyard!




Fourth and Fiphoto-sep-15-11-09-42-amfth Graders team up each week for Movement. This is a time where we play and learn outdoor games. This week, we were excited to play Corn Hole! We spent this week learning the rules of the game and working out how to play with multiple people. Students were great problem solvers and discovered a way to rotate play so that everyone could be involved. We also got to play Bocce Ball! Both games helped us practice our throwing, aiming, and power skills using different toys and weighted objects.



Class Pet

fourth gradersWe would like to introduce you to Ben and Jerry, the 4th Grade gerbils! Our class loves to watch and care for these adorable little creatures. Throughout the day, Ben and Jerry can be found huddled together under their dome sleeping, nibbling on delicious fruits and veggies, and occasionally running on their wheel. We have noticed that they like to rearrange the bedding in their habitat and we have been wondering why they do that. Perhaps further observations will reveal the answer!




Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, September 20 – Parent Coffee
  • Thursday, September 22 – Curriculum Morning, Grade 4
  • Thursday, September 22 – Field trip to Legare Farms
  • Thursday, September 29 – Curriculum Night (Grades K-3), 5:30-6:30pm
  • Monday, October 10 – Columbus Day, No School
  • Tuesday, October 11 – Fall Break, No School