The Cooper School Daily

The End of Third Grade

State Study

This has been a fantastic final week of Third Grade! Students continued to work hard, learn lots, and have fun until the very last minute. Students presented their State Study presentation on their second state this week. Students had to choose a different presentation type than they did the first time and present their state from the west. Once again, we had iMovies, trifold boards, and 3D models to teach the class about each state. We also enjoyed a couple more songs that were revised to give information about the state. This was a super fun project to end the year!


We started the year by measuring ourselves and saving a ribbon that was cut to that length in an envelope. For months, they’ve been waiting for us. This week, we finally pulled them out. Students once again worked together to measure how tall each person is now. They then cut a string to that length and then got to measure it against their original string. Third Graders were excited to see how much they’ve grown this year! We used this information to collect some data about how much Third Graders grew this year. Not to miss a teachable moment, we found the important data points, including maximum, minimum, range, median, and mode. We even talked about a how to find the average. We discovered that Third Graders grew an average of 2 and a half inches this year!

Field Day

The Cooper School tradition of having the newly graduated Fifth Graders host the Field Day activities is beloved by all. Third Graders had a blast taking part in each of the unique and creative games the Fifth Graders put on for the students. This year’s theme was the continents and each activity was designed around one continent. Students were even delighted to have delicious Pelican Snoballs, too!