The Cooper School Daily

The Harvest Feast!

What a Feast! 

Thank you all for coming out to celebrate the Harvest Feast! It was a huge success. Fourth Graders were looking forward to the event and loved every minute of the festivities. Our class shared thoughts about appreciating the people in their lives and what they are grateful for. It was wonderful to hear all of their thoughtful comments about their holiday plans and spending quality time with family and friends. Please ask your child about acts of kindness and how their role in school and in the community is valued. 

How Did People Communicate In Colonial Times? 

This week, Students focused their attention on an informative fact checker book about the American Revolution. Our historians learned that a lack of modern technology did not deter the colonists of the 1700s from communicating effectively. A few examples include horseback messengers, newspapers, broadsides, and even town criers! Students got a kick out of town criers. Please ask your child about their opinions about life in the 1700s compared to living in today’s world. 

Important Dates: 

Wednesday-Sunday 11/27-12/1 Thanksgiving Break 

Friday, 12/6 4th Grade: Rebels and Redcoats Study Trip (10:00 am-12:30pm)

Friday, 12/13 3rd-5th Grade Movie Night

Friday, 12.20 Pajama Day (Half Day)

Monday, 12/23-Monday 1/6  Winter Break (School Closed)