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The King’s Equal

The King’s Equal

The current read aloud book selection our class is enjoying is The King’s Equal by Katherine Paterson.  This is a timeless classic that provides a contemporary social message of measuring qualities like intelligence, fortitude, and pride.  This enchanting fairy tale leads readers to discover how beauty and intelligence are measured differently in each character.

Aboriginal Culture

Second Graders have begun their final week studying Australia.  This week focused in on the Aboriginal culture. Scholars learned that the Aborigines’ shelters depended on the materials they could extract from their natural environment.  In some places, soft paperbark was easily pulled off of trees to make a shelter. In other places, shelters were built out of branches to make poles for a tent, covered in leaves.  Our study will continue with learning about the Aboriginal forms of transportation, food, culture, and celebration.

Repetition and Endings

Our poetry studies continued this week as we looked for patterns of repetition in our poems, as well as focused on the ending lines of a poem.  Scholars identified that poems have a way of repeating lines and words to convey a poet’s deeper meaning. Second Graders also noticed that the last line of a poem is usually one of the most important parts of the poem, because it can lead the reader straight to the deeper meaning.

Important Dates

April 6th Spring Planting Party

April 19th -22nd April Break

April 25th Spring Auction