The Cooper School Daily

The Patriots of Fourth Grade

Morning Meeting

Fourth Graders look forward to our Morning Meetings which serve as an integral part of our curriculum. The meetings are a time to gather at the beginning of the school day, as a whole group, and share unique perspectives on thoughtful objectives. Students count on seeing the classroom morning message on the board, which challenges them to reflect and respond. 

Writing Workshop

This week’s Writing Workshop focuses on our American Revolution research topics. Students were assigned both a figure and event during this period and have taken a deep dive into their sources. Scholars are utilizing their chromebooks to create a diverse list of sources including books, periodicals, and historical documents.  They are learning how to cite these sources in their research.  


The Fourth Graders have enjoyed taking a break from fractions and decimals this week!  They have spent the week refreshing their minds on place value and learning to write and say 6-digit numbers. It has definitely been a fun challenge. Fourth Graders will continue to learn about place value and move on to composing and decomposing addition and subtraction problems. 

Important Dates

December 14th – Field Trip

December 16th- 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade Movie Night (5pm-8pm)

December 17th – ½ Day, Pajama Day, Winter Holidays Celebration

December 20 – January 3rd – Winter Break