The Cooper School Daily

The Season of Sprints and Spirit

All the holiday preparations, upcoming breaks, trips planned, and gifts wrapped can send one into a spin. It’s always so funny to cap off a fast flying, busy year with the busiest month ever. However, I’ll halt my cynicism right there. Yes, the year is moving fast (especially in Middle School), but I’ll attribute much of that to the positive momentum of kids rapidly growing into who they were meant to be. I see budding basketball players flying down the court, projects reaching their peak, concepts unlocking, even a brand new spirit club forming.
Ah yes, spirit club. In this spirited season, a number of our middle schoolers have started a new club solely focused on pride in our school, celebration of who we are. It’s honestly lovely timing, a perfect way to applaud wildly for another year of growth and cheer loudly as we look forward to part II in 2024.
So, as I consider this lightning-fast time of year, I happily accept that the fast paced progress and high-energy celebrations make the moments of quiet, magical, slow rest all the more satisfying.


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?
Sixth graders learned about biomimicry and how nature inspires engineers to come up with solutions to everyday problems and needs. They considered how camouflage is bio-inspired and engineered their own camouflage. The sixth graders also explored the microscopes this week. They learned about the specific parts and how to use a microscope properly. Next week, they will continue to explore the microscopic world around us and how nature inspires solutions. When they get back from break, they will continue their biomimicry study.
What’s up in ELA?

6th grade writers dove deep to revise their thematic essays this week – searching for strong evidence and revising their elaborations to more closely connect back to their overall claims. Writers also experimented with compare and contrast skills in their writing in order to see common patterns and subtle differences between characters and texts in their analysis. Essayists edited and published their pieces in a class celebration at the end of the week.

Next week, 6th grade will begin a new reading unit in nonfiction! They will engage with more complex nonfiction chapter books, discussing and tracking main ideas in book clubs. We will also be making our usual switch from vocabulary back to grammar study for the next four weeks.

What’s going on in Math?
This week 6th graders studied equivalent expressions and used the distributive property to assist them in solving equations. Next week, they will take a Mid-Unit Assessment on solving one-step equations on Monday (12/11), and then begin studying perfect squares and cubes, analyzing exponents, and solving problems/equations with exponents in them.

What’s happening in Social Studies?
This week, the sixth graders turned in their final copies of their argumentative research papers on Athens or Sparta. Students then dove into Greek society and beliefs before jumping into their Greek research projects on a Greek God/Goddess.

Next week, the students will finish their Greek studies. Students will create their own TV advertisement on Ancient Greece before completing their assessment. Their assessment will consist of a Mind Map highlighting the different aspects of Ancient Greece.

Important Dates:
December 19 – PJ Day (½ day)- Holiday Extravaganza 10:30-11:30
December 20 – January 3: Winter Break