The Cooper School Daily

The Three-Day Week

Did you know that there was a desperate time in British history where the ‘Three-Day Week’ was established by the ‘Industrial Action’ (a cult name for UK’s coal mine strikers) to conserve electricity. From January to March 1974, commercial electricity was limited to 3 specified consecutive days each week. No one was permitted to work overtime. However, due to the strikes, there was a large electricity shortfall and as a result, everything else came to a halt.

Some people think that we might be headed back in this direction in order to cut emissions and carbon capture shortage in an attempt to solve our climate crisis. Feel free to find out more here!

While this might be an intriguing idea, we certainly enjoyed our Fall Break and our three-day week, but we are looking forward to getting back into our normal routine next week. We hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break, it was certainly interesting to hear about everyone’s time off! 

What’s happening in Science:

And more on the climate crisis…our Middle School scientists are not only going to be researching current solutions to climate change, but developing and implementing their own solutions! We launched our individualized projects on Wednesday with a guest speaker, Dr. John Peters from the College of Charleston. He is not only Lindsay’s advisor, but an expert on climate change and its impact on our planet. He guided us through interesting topics to spark our interests about the cause and effect of society’s footprint on carbon emissions. 

What’s going on in Writing:

Readers delved into non-fiction this week. We focused on central ideas and mulling over details to find evidence supporting the central ideas in our texts. We will begin learning and practicing how to effectively research non-fiction texts next week.

What is happening in Math:

6th grade mathematicians are conceptualizing the relationship between ratios and rates, with the addition of percentages. This week, we had a great time bringing these calculations to life in order to solve real-world math problems. 

5th grade mathematicians have been working towards understanding how to model multiplication using the area method. In centers this week, mathematicians used play-doh to further their understanding of the relationship between place value in multi-digit multiplication problems. 

Important Dates:

October 20th- School Picture Day

October 30th- Halloween Celebration- 11:30 Dismissal

November 6th- Distance Learning Day

November 9th & 10- Conferences