The Cooper School Daily

Thinking like a Scientist

Lunch_BuddiesScience and Writing

This week, students have been combining their study of Balance, Force, and Motion with writing to investigate what would happen if…? Each Lab Report begins with a question. They then formulate a hypothesis, a guess or prediction of what they think will happen. With that clear in their mind, students write a set of procedures for testing this question. Once these steps are completed, students set up their experiment and conduct it to get their results. From their results, they write their conclusion, reflecting back on their hypothesis. This week students have tested the force of gravity on the motion of cars and trucks.

Lunch buddies

Second grade paired up with fifth grade this week for Lunch Buddies. The experience provides children with stimulating opportunities for learning and skill development. Lunch Buddies promote a favorable school atmosphere. The students sit with their buddy during lunch or have time together on Sound_+_Light_Study_Tripthe playground. Students love playing structured games with their new friend such as, Sharks and Minnows and Hide-and-Go Seek.

Halloween Carnival

The week ended with the annual Halloween Carnival. The Fifth Grade students each created a Halloween-themed booth for the rest of the school to enjoy at the Halloween Carnival. Students come dressed in their creative costumes ready to take part in the celebration.