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Third Grade Comics

I Heart Hungry Kids

The tradition of publishing Pass It On is all the more special because the proceeds go to a charity of the student’s choosing. Every year, the students are presented with a few different charities and they get to vote on which one they feel should receive the honor of being selected. This year, students selected I Heart Hungry Kids. Started by a young boy wanting to help other kids, this charity works to bring food to underprivileged children in the Charleston area. After the success of our Pass It On presentation and the sales of the book, students were able to present the proceeds to the charity this week. The young boy who started the project and his father joined us for Morning Meeting on Monday and The Cooper School was proud to give them more than $500 from the sale of our book.


This week, Third Graders have participated in taking the standardized ERB test. The Cooper School believes that test taking is a skill, and like all other skills, it must be taught and practiced. As students move on from TCS, it is a reality that they will be encountering standardized testing. Therefore, we want to prepare our students and teach them how to be successful. Earlier this year, students completed a reading unit that was focused on reading comprehension, reading for information and multiple choice questions. This week, Third Graders got to know the feeling of these types of tests, from completing bubbled in pages, to the stress of timed sessions, to the importance of silence. And they had fun doing it! Studies show that the best test takers are relaxed and we hope to instill that quality in our students.


Third Graders have finished their final writing unit of this year, fairy tale adaptations. During this study, each student has gotten to write two adaptations of beloved fairy tales and one unique fairy tale of their own. Now, students are beginning the process of publishing these stories in a unique way… as comics! This week, students have been working on transferring their writing into pictures. Next week, they will use an app on their iPads to turn those pictures into comics!




Important Dates:

  • Sunday, May 20 End of the Year Picnic- 3:30-5pm @ Magnolia Plantation
  • Thursday, May 31 Half Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, June 1 Field Day, 11:30 Dismissal, Last day of school