The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade Has Spirit !!!!

Spirit Week  

Scholars were so excited to express themselves every day this week during Spirit Week. Scholars got to wear their favorite color, favorite fandom merchandise, tacky clothes, and crazy socks and hats. We were so excited to share things we love with our class and community!  

ERB Testing 

Third Graders were challenged this week with the task of finishing the ERB. It takes a great deal of self-control and self-regulation to make it through testing and our Third Graders mastered these two things this week! We persevered and now we’re all done with ERB testing for this year, which means we’re one week closer to summer break! Hooray!  


Third Graders were so excited to put their creative energy to work dramatizing their fairytale adaptations! Over the past couple of weeks, students have read and analyzed all of the elements of well-known fairy tales. They used their knowledge to adapt fairytales, by adjusting either a character, the story’s setting or a motivation. 

Important Dates   

  • May 27 – No School (Memorial Day)
  • May 30 – ½ Day (8th Grade Graduation)
  • May 31 – ½ Day, Field Day, Last Day of School