The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade News


This week, Third Graders had the big decision of choosing between studying pandas, elephants or tigers! In Reading, students were broken into three groups to begin researching. From stacks of books, Third Graders chose and narrowed their group’s subject into subtopics and began noting their findings. Students have had a blast flipping through pages and having a look at all of the adorable pictures!


Third Graders began their next unit in Math this week. In Unit 6, students will begin to work through multi-step multiplication and division problems. Students will be comparing different approaches to solving the same problem and deciding which approach is more efficient.  Students will also be introduced to the order of operations and learn how parentheses function as grouping symbols. We are all excited to dive deeper into multiplication in order to build our mathematical knowledge.

Chinese Lantern Festival

Third graders began their week with a fabulous field trip to Magnolia Gardens in which they were able to view the splendor of the Chinese Lanterns.  Students loved seeing a giant dragon made with porcelain dinner plates, dragons made from different colored water bottles, silk flowers, animals, and lots of lanterns.  The Festival of Lanterns gave us our own ideas for different lanterns we can create! We have already started on one type and are excited to share them during our Asia presentation!

Important Dates:

February 6th – Third Grade Social

February 14th – Valentine’s Day Concert (1:30pm)

February 17th – February Break – No School

February 20th – Field Trip