The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade News

Social Studies Research

Third Graders were so excited to do online research this week on our Community Change Makers webpage. Students used iPads to scroll through our online database of biographical web pages. Our class was elated to find all kinds of new information about their selected activist, right at their fingertips!


This week in math, scholars focused on finding the area of rectangles and including units. Students have learned that area is the amount of space covered by a shape. Students were able to identify equal groups in the rows and columns of arrays. Our Mathematicians were also able to skip count to find the total number of squares. 


Third Grade has launched into our new SEL unit- curiosity. We have created a “Wonder Wall” in our classroom where students can post their personal wonders.   Some of the “wonders” students have shared are, “Why is the earth shaped as a sphere?”, “How big is the sun?”, and “What will I be when I grow up?”  We love the wonders our curious Third Graders came up with!     

Important Dates:

Fall Break- October 18 & 19 (No School)

Halloween Carnival- October 29 (11:30 dismissal)