The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade News


This week our math scholars started a new unit in our math program. Scholars were so ecstatic to start learning how to represent numbers in different ways. Students looked at numbers in base-ten numerals, base-ten diagrams, number names, and expanded form. We are so excited to explore more about ways to represent numbers!  


Every November Cooper School students and staff begin their discussion of Gratitude. This week, Third Grade writers practiced identifying things in their lives that they are grateful for. After identifying things they are grateful for, they dug a little deeper to identify the reasons why they are grateful for these things. Writers at The Cooper School are working hard to express their gratitude for so many things through a beautiful school-wide writing project. 


Third Graders were in love with their visit to Yoga this week. They worked really hard and focused on their breathing.  Students were thrilled to return to the classroom and tell us all about the new poses and some techniques they’ve learned with Miss Courtney.

Important Dates: 

  • November 19: Harvest Festival 11:30 Dismissal 
  • November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break- No School