The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade News


This week in science our scholars continued to examine our crayfish friends. Scholars have learned all about the body parts of a crayfish. We learned that crayfish are invertebrates. They don’t have bones, but they do have exoskeletons to protect their inner body parts. Students learned that the crayfish have jointed legs to walk and pick up food. Our Third grade scientists were so excited to see that some crayfish have even started molting!


This week in math our mathematicians compared fractions with the same denominator. Scholars used manipulatives to solve problems involving fractional parts of collections. They know that when looking at fractions that the numerator represents a part of the total amount shown in the denominator. Third Graders practiced using visual representations with various shaded regions to compare and identify equivalent fractions.Ask your brave mathematician what they enjoy most about fractions this week.

Test Prep

This week Third Graders did a test prep unit. In May students will begin ERB testing. This week we took time to go over good test taking skills and how to pull information from passages. Scholars learned how to rule out answers that don’t match at all. Our scholars really focused hard this week and will be prepared when testing arrives.

Important Dates:  

April 15th-18th – April Break (No School) 

April 28th- TCS Gala