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Third Grade News !!


This week Third Grade readers continued to explore the magical world of fairytales. Students compared and contrasted variations of fairy tales across cultures. They found unique variations and similarities in the characters, settings, plots, themes as well as in minor details of the stories. Third Grade readers began to examine archetypal characters such as the underdog, trickster, villain, and the jealous stepmother that appears so often in fairytales. Scholars learned that archetypal characters are found over and over in literature.  


As the end of the year is near, scholars have been writing down goals they would like to accomplish before the last day of school. Some scholars dug deep and wrote goals such as moving up a reading level, getting all their words correct on spelling and vocabulary tests, and so many other awesome goals. We are confident our scholars will achieve them! Our students are making sure to use persistence these last few weeks.   


This week in music scholars got to watch the finished product of their very own movie. Students have been working on this movie for weeks and put so much hard work and dedication into it. Third Graders were ecstatic to see their acting skills and to watch it all come together. We loved the creative costumes our scholars chose to wear. 

Important Dates:  

  • May 26th – Teacher Work Day (No School)
  • May 29th – Memorial Day (No School)  
  • June 1st – Half Day (11:30am Dismissal)
  • June 2nd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)  

Happy Friday Third Grade Parents, 

Our week was a smashing success! We had so much fun exploring fairytales more deeply, writing down our end of the year goals and watching our movie in music class!

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