The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade News !!!

Special Guest  

On Wednesday third graders had the pleasure of Sweetgrass Weaver Corey Alston come visit TCS and learn about his Gullah Culture. Corey talked all about the history of Gullah culture, how to make sweetgrass baskets and the importance of his culture. Scholars were thrilled to ask questions and get to learn about his traditions, food, language, and music!


This week in math scholars started a new unit all about two-dimensional shapes and perimeter. Third graders compared shapes and were able to talk about the characteristics in comparison to one another. Scholars noticed that there were multiple ways to categorize the shapes. We are really enjoying this unit so far!  


This week Third Grade readers continued to explore the magical world of fairytales. Students compared and contrasted variations of fairy tales across cultures. They found unique variations and similarities in the characters, settings, plots, and themes as well as in the minor details of the stories. We took a close look at themes and emotions such as love, hatred, kindness and cruelty that occur in fairy tales across cultures. Third Grade readers began to examine archetypal characters such as the underdog, trickster, villain, and the jealous stepmother that appears so often in fairytales. Scholars learned that archetypal characters are found over and over in literature.

Important Dates   

  • May 7th – 3rd Grade Field trip to Caw Caw
  • May 9th – Pass it On 5pm @ Scottish Rite (11:30 Dismissal)
  • May 13th – Plantation Singers Performance (10 am – 11)
  • May 14th – 3rd Grade Field trip to African American Museum
  • May 16th – 22nd – ERB Testing (3rd & 4th