The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade News


This week, Third Graders finished reading the fantasy novel, The Magic Paintbrush, by Laurence Yep. Students wrapped up their reading by exploring the story’s themes and challenging themselves to write summaries of the book. Third Graders practiced analyzing the story’s most important plot points and separating the small details. Students enjoyed discussing their findings!


Third Graders spent the week mastering multiplication! Students spent the week discussing  multiplication strategies. Third Grade worked on mastering their doubles facts and found new ways to apply these skills to fractions. Students also continued their work this week on illustrating and solving fractions.

Social Studies

Students continued their Asia study this week learning all about the culture of the indigenous people of Mongolia. Students studied all aspects of Mongolian life, from clothing to travel. Third Graders read an interesting book this week about the daily life of a normal Mongolian family. Students were fascinated to learn about the Mongolian way of using all of their available resources, including cow dung to burn fires.

Important Dates:

January 20th – MLK Day (No School)

January 23rd- Dinner at Workshop

January 27th – Magnolia Gardens Field Trip

January 28th- Parent Forum with LeAnn Gardner

January 31st – Art Walk