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Third Grade News

Fourth Grade Friends

Third Graders have really enjoyed spending time with the TCS Fourth Grade Class this week.  The students have spent time eating lunch together, playing games on the playground, and getting to know interesting facts about each other.  We have also really enjoyed combining the Third and Fourth Grade classes for our Morning Meetings. The students are excited to come up with a creative name for our new Morning Meeting group.  Some of the suggestions have been Club 34, The Cool Club, and TCS 34. Stay tuned to hear which name we choose!!


Third Graders have continued to learn a lot of exciting information about Asia.  This week, we focused on the people of Mongolia. We learned about the clothes that they wear, the transportation they use, their cultural celebrations, and the food that they eat.  We have been gathering information from books to complete our culture cards on these various topics. We are so excited to learn about several cultural topics in China that will help us see the change that has happened over time within their country.


This week in Reading, Third Graders started a new novel called The Year of the Dog. We have been focusing on point of view and learning how our opinion can be different from the narrator’s opinion. We are learning so much about Pacy, the narrator, and really enjoying reading more stories written by Asian authors!

Important Dates

January 27th – Magnolia Gardens Field Trip

January 31st – Art Walk

February 14th – Valentine Concert (Circular Church)

February 20th – Chinese Acrobat Field Trip