The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade News!


Third Grade finished our second math unit this week. Students wrapped up the unit with our Unit 2 Assessment. The unit assessment was followed by a cumulative assessment reviewing all of the math tricks they have learned this school year. We were thrilled to see Third Graders using their math building blocks to show us all that they know.

Halloween Carnival

Third Graders were so excited to celebrate Halloween at The Cooper School this week! Fifth Graders organized and ran an amazing Halloween Carnival where our entire school enjoyed many carnival games. We loved seeing all of our students’ creativity in their costumes and were so thankful to spend the holiday with you all.

Specials Spotlight: Art

As part of their Change Makers projects, students worked with Ms. Libby this week on portraits of their chosen subjects for our November 15th presentation. Students will use these portraits like masks to present their persuasive speeches to their visitors. Our class has been thrilled to explore so many creative ways to piece together their final projects.

Important Dates:

November 5th – Third Grade Parent Lunch 11:45

November 11th & 12th – Conferences

November 12th-3-5 Grandparents and Special Friends Morning (10:00-11:30)

November 15th – Community Change Makers Presentation (9.00am)