The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade Poets

Poetry Reading

This week, Third Graders have fallen in love with the narrative poetry book, Love that Dog by Sharon Creech. This book is about a boy who doesn’t like poetry but has to keep a poetry journal. Following Jack, the narrator, through a year in poetry, we get to watch him discover the joy of poetry and the power of words. Third Graders have enjoyed reading and discovering along with Jack, as well as finding inspiration for their own writing in his words.




Poetry Writing

Third Grade poets have been writing up a storm of poetry! From poetry inspired by our class book to the reading of other poetry books, students have taken their knowledge and observations of poetry and transferred it to their own writing. This week they have enjoyed using objects in our poetry museum to spark a poem or picture cards to try to bring an image to life through poetry. The hum of poetry is alive in the classroom!



As we continue to observe our sprouting seeds, students continue to be amazed at the growth and change of our seeds using just water. The sunflower seeds have begun to sprout and surprised us all when they burst through the hard shell. These observations have led to a clearer understanding of how plants reproduce. An important part of plant reproduction is for the seeds to move away from the parent plant. Students learned about the three ways that seeds are dispersed away from the parent plant: by wind, water, or animals. We then went on a seed hunt in our backyards and for homework to find seeds in nature. Students then worked to classify the types of seeds that they found.



Important Dates:

  • Saturday, March 24th        Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)
  • Monday, March 26th          Third Grade Radio Show, 1:45
  • Tuesday, March 27th          Field Trip to Circular Church, 1:00
  • Friday, March 30th             Spring Break begins, No School
  • Monday, April 9th               School Resumes