The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade Rules


This week in science our scholars continued learning about the physics of sounds. Scholars mainly focused on tension and pitches. Students did fun experiments using mini gutbuckets and FOSS-uleles, which involved strings, paperclips and cups. Our students learned that the tighter the tension the higher the pitch.


This week in math our mathematicians learned how to represent and solve multiplication problems. Our scholars were able to solve problems involving equal groups with a picture or diagram of their choice. Ask your child to show you one of the many ways they learned to solve multiplication problems.


Third Grade spellers are mastering word patterns by cutting out their sort and sorting them by their specific spelling rule every day. This continued practice helps students to not just memorize the spelling words for the assessment on Friday, but to learn the spelling rule to apply to their everyday writing. Spelling groups are differentiated for each child which ensures that each student receives the spelling rules they need. Practicing at home also helps students to make these words a part of their everyday spelling.

Important Dates:

September 22 – Virtual Curriculum Night