The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade Scholars!

3rd Grade 10/25/19

Social Studies

This week, Third Graders continued working on their Community Change Makers projects. Students have expanded on their work by searching for inspirational quotes which support their activists’ missions, as well as creating timelines of major events in their lives. Students are loving being able to use both books and supervised iPad research to include in their findings.


Third Graders have been reading nonfiction texts and using their findings to teach their peers. This week, we partnered up to share all of the interesting information they have read on their topics. Students outlined their main idea and collected notes to support their points. Third Graders were so excited to share everything they had learned with friends!


We finished up our Math Unit 2 in Third Grade this week! The students learned how to solve multi-step number stories. They got to write their own Halloween centered number stories and trade with a partner to solve. We created mathematical representations for solving division problems and used arrays for both multiplication and division problems. We ended the week by exploring fraction circles, liquid volume, and area to prepare us for our upcoming units!

Important Dates:

October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30 dismissal)

November 5th – Third Grade Parent Lunch 11:45

November 11th & 12th – Conferences

November 12th – 3-5 Grandparents and Special Friends Morning (10:00-11:30)

November 15th – Community Change Makers Presentation (9.00am)