The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade Storytelling!


Students spent the week working on several short stories in their writing journals. Our focus this week was on using our best storyteller voice, by using transition words, dialogue, and creating a movie for their reader’s mind. Third Graders viewed and analyzed example stories, as well as revised their own old stories to practice storytelling.





Movement Tuesday

After our time away last week (and many stuck in the house), Third Graderswere so excited to get moving. This week, students played a riveting game of Sharks and Minnows, involving a lot of running, dodging, and tagging. Students were chased (but not often caught) by the biggest shark, Mr. Ryan.



World Language: Spanish

Each week, about half of our third grade class attends Spanish with Ms. Tania. This week, students focused on conversational dialogue and greetings. Students stood tall in front of the class to read scripts in Spanish and to use their newly discovered words. ¡Muy bien!




Important Dates: 

  • September 27th – 1st-5th Grade Curriculum Night
  • October 12th – 11:30am Dismissal
  • October 15th – Make Up Day (normal school day)