The Cooper School Daily

Third Week’s a Charm

With the third week under our belts, we are finding our groove in the Middle School. Students enjoy competing in kickball games and knockout tournaments during outdoor breaks. In class, they are practicing appropriate group work and class discussion behaviors. Through collaboration they are able to develop ideas and master objectives daily. It has been exciting to watch our social emotional learning objective, self regulation, practiced and reflected on by the students.

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science:
5th and 6th grade geologists experimented with earth materials and water this week to observe erosion and deposition. They applied their new knowledge by investigating their own inquiries about how erosion and deposition change the earth’s surface. Some examples that were investigated were the impact slope has on erosion, how flash flooding alters the land, and what types of earth material erode the quickest. 7th grade astronomers shared their planet presentations and investigated the phases of the moon.

What’s up in Math?
We have begun assigning formulas to our thoughts, this has been a satisfying process and the students are enjoying having something concrete to work with. They have worked very hard to develop these formulas and it is such a reward for them to be able to use them. We have started scattering the walls with our findings so students have a reference point while working through problems in class. We are nearing the end of our Geometry Unit and will start working with Fractions, Algebra and Linear Functions soon!

This week in ELA…

Seventh grade students were given their book club novels written by popular authors such as: Jacqueline Woodson, Grace Lin, Soman Chainani, and Walter Dean Myers. The middle schoolers have also enjoyed listening to and discussing books by Matt de la Pena and Katherine Applegate. Next week we will delve into sharpening up our grammar skills for the next two weeks. Check out the pictures below from the 6th and 7th grade rock climbing wall excursions.

Important Dates:
September 10: 6th/7th Grade at JICP for PE
October 18th & 19th: Fall Break NO SCHOOL