The Cooper School Daily

This Week In First Grade!


This week in science students learned how liquids change shape in different containers. Scholars poured the same amount of water into containers of different sizes. Scholars were amazed to see how the liquids changed in each container. Our students were very curious to learn all about volume.  Ask your First Grader what was their favorite part of science this week!


In Centers this week, we are creating tools we can use to help regulate our bodies in response to certain feelings.  We read a story about emotions during Morning Meeting and connected emotions to certain colors (i.e. feeling bored is a blue feeling and our bodies are slowed down).  We then talked about tools we can use to help us return to a calm, ready to learn state.  In Centers, we created lava lamps and lacing cards to use when we need to calm our bodies!


This week we are finishing Module 4, Topic A.  Students have demonstrated the ability to break down a 2-digit number into tens and ones, associate tens and ones with dimes and pennies, and represent 2-digit numbers using ten sticks, cubes, dimes, and pennies.  We have also learned to write a 2-digit number using an addition sentence.  After Spring Break, we will begin Topic B-Comparison of Two-Digit Numbers.  Please click here for more information. 

Important Dates:

Monday, March 29- Monday, April 5: Spring Break- NO SCHOOL