The Cooper School Daily

This Week in Second Grade!

Creating Fictional Characters

Second graders have begun their last writing unit. For the this unit students are writing realistic fiction stories. They have creative freedom to create an imaginative character that they will write their story about. They have created what the person will look like, how they will dress, and the components of their personality. Students will also decide where the story will take place. It is exciting to see students have creative freedom and write a realistic story all made up from their own ideas.

Researching Bird Features

This week second graders are diving deep into their bird research. Students have chosen their bird and have begun learning all about the bird. Each day students take the day to learn about a specific feature of the bird. Using teacher chosen websites, students conducted research that answered specific questions. They have been working so hard on their research skills this year to be able to understand this type of information. 

Choir Concert!

This week second graders performed at the spring choir concert! They worked so hard in choir to be prepared for the show. They chose songs that they were excited about and that were fun to sing as well! Their hard work definitely paid off and they had such a fun time performing. They are already talking about the concert next year!

Important Information:

April 27th: Spring Auction and Gala- 6pm @ Founder’s Hall