The Cooper School Daily

This Week in Second Grade!

Pass It On!

Students have been waiting for their time to share and the time finally came. On Thursday students shared their hand selected poetry to share with the Cooper School community at Pass It On. The process began back in the month of March, learning about poetry and the different writing styles. Next, students began planning and writing poetry that they felt connected to and were excited to share with the community. The final step was choosing two poems that they felt the most excited about to be put in our Pass It On book. Then the final picking, students choose one poem to share for Pass It On. After many practices students were excited and nervous to share. We are so proud of them for their hard work!

Magnolia Gardens 

To continue our bird study second graders took a trip out to Magnolia Gardens. Students had the opportunity to see a rookery with anhingas and egrets. As well as so many other birds in the gardens. Some students even had the chance to see their own bird! We walked around the gardens using our binoculars to observe and to listen. Afterwards, we had the chance to eat lunch in the gardens.

Reading, Reading, Reading

Students have been diving into practicing their reading. Getting ready for third grade students have been digging deep and practicing their skills to sharpen their reading skills. Second graders have been applying the same reading skills they learned in the beginning of the year, now to more challenging books at the end of the year. All these tools in their toolbox will make them a stronger reader and create good reading habits for all kinds of books that they read. They have been loving independent reading time and working their way through new books.

Important Dates:

May 24 – No School (Teacher Workday)

May 27 – No School (Memorial Day)

May 30 – ½ Day (8th Grade Graduation)

May 31 – ½ Day, Field Day, Last Day of School