The Cooper School Daily

This week in Second Grade!

Rock Study!

This week second graders started their rock study. Students are so excited to dive into learning all there is to know about rocks! Students began by observing different types of rocks, describing them based on their size, color, textures, and so much more! Second graders even observed the rocks in and out of water. We are also starting a rock museum in our classroom, and we can’t wait to watch it grow!


Second graders began their poetry unit this week. We started this unit by reading and writing poetry. Students will be reading all different types of poetry throughout this unit, as well as writing their own poetry using the tools they learn. At the end of the unit students will have two of their poems published in our annual Pass It On book!

Three-digit numbers!

In math we have begun a new unit, adding and subtracting three digit numbers. This week students are beginning to learn many different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems using three-digit numbers. Students are learning how to use blocks, break apart three-digit numbers, and count on a number line. Students are very eager to be counting up into the thousands!

Important dates:

March 28th- 11:30 dismissal 

April 3 – 10 – Spring Break (No School)