The Cooper School Daily

This Week in Second Grade!

Rock Scavenger Hunt!

Second graders did a scavenger hunt around campus for rocks in our environment. We have been learning about all different types of rocks in the environment. This day, students got the opportunity to explore what types of rocks are in our own backyard. Students investigated different areas of the playground that may have rocks available to them. Each group collected rocks and we returned to class to investigate them with magnifying glasses. As a class, we sorted the rocks of The Cooper School by the different properties they have.

Charlotte’s Web

This week second graders took a field trip to the Dock Street Theatre to see the play “Charlotte’s Web”. Students were so excited to see the book come to life on the stage. Second graders laughed and had a great time seeing the play. They were captivated by the actors during the whole performance, they were sad when it came to an end. 

Tribute Poem

Second graders worked together with third and fourth graders to begin working on their tribute poem for Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary. Students worked on creating poems to dedicate to the sanctuary. Working together with middle school students, students started brainstorming and writing rough drafts for Pass It On! One student’s poem will be chosen as the tribute poem that will be the first poem read at Pass It On! Students loved learning all about ways they can help and advocate for animals.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, March 28:11:30 dismissal 

April 3-10: Spring Break- no school