The Cooper School Daily

This Week in Second Grade

Build a Bird

This week during bird study, students were given an assortment of shapes. Using those shapes students had to create and design their own bird. With creative design and their imagination students created their own shaped birds. It was exciting to see students use their creativity to create all different types of birds. As well as their interpretation of shapes and how they would be represented as legs, beaks, and heads of birds!

Take a Bow!

Second grade students wowed at the Spring Concert this week! Second grade has been working tirelessly for weeks on their performance of songs from the Sound of Music. With many hours of practice and preparations second graders went out there and gave it their all. We are so proud of their hard work and dedication to learning and performing the songs!

Bird Research

Students are getting eager to begin research about the bird they will be studying. This week students took time to investigate and explore all about birds that they find interesting. Using their research skills students scrolled through online resources to find more information about birds. Students then get a chance to rank their birds and soon will find out the bird they will be researching and learning all about!

Important Dates

May 4 – Pass It On – 11:30 Dismissal (Event starts at 5pm @ the Scottish Rite Center)

May 11- Cluster Day (free dress day)